Your Dog's Healthy & Natural Munchie Fix! 

​​Azi's Midnight Munchies

The little rescued Dingo that inspired a bakery....

       My husband and I had four cats but we really wanted to rescue a dog to add to our own personal zoo. So, a little over four years ago we went to our local Petsmart where they had rescue groups set up outside. We walked along the row of cages and barking dogs and then I saw her. I saw my sweet dingo mix and I knew she would be ours because she had already stolen my heart. She had me at one floppy ear. She looked so small and somewhat scared. I held her for what seemed like forever outside her cage and I didn't leave her side for a second. She was 3 months old the day we adopted her and I can't begin to tell you the amount of joy she has brought to our lives along with many other people's lives. Azalee Ila Judsky, my greatest friend.

      A Year or so after adopting Azi and fostering with Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, we fell in love with our foster, Abram, a white german shepherd mix. He was so tiny when we first got him and he could have flown away using his huge ears alone. I knew after having him just one night that he had to be mine. A couple days later, I convinced matt to let us love him forever! He is pure white, my sweet but crazy snow ball. Of course he is just as big a part of the bakery- Azi just came first!